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Strong Vengeance by Jon Land


“Land and his precise writing create an amazing read combining elements of the best of the Old West and the action thriller. Caitlin Strong seems so real that the reader expects her to walk into the room. She more than lives up to to her last name.”
–Associated Press on Strong at the Break

“Land and his precise writing create an amazing read combining elements of the best of the Old West and the action thriller. Caitlin Strong seems so real that the reader expects her to walk into the room. She more than lives up to to her last name.”

–Associated Press on Strong at the Break

1818: In the Gulf waters off the Texas coast, the pirate Jean Lafitte and his partner Jim Bowie launch an attack on the Mother Mary, a slave ship carrying an invaluable treasure. The Present: Fifth-generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong finds herself investigating the murder of an oilrig crew that had found the long-lost wreckage of the Mother Mary. But the crew also uncovered something else beneath the surface of the sea—something connected to a devastating attack about to be launched on the United States by a mad American-born cleric who has recruited an army of homegrown terrorists. With the stakes higher and evil darker than any she has encountered before, Caitlin races to find the connection between the treasure pilfered centuries before and the deadly secret hidden on the bottom of the ocean today. This as she struggles to raise the teenage sons of her imprisoned lover Cort Wesley Masters who secures his release just in time to join the fight by her side. But shadows and subterfuge abound, starting with Teofilo Braga, a waste management baron hiding secrets born of his own past that are somehow linked to the threats America is facing. Caitlin’s desperate path plunges her deep into that past and an unsolved mass murder committed near the island refuge of Lafitte himself. Caitlin’s only chance to defeat the terrorists lies in first solving that 30-year-old mystery. In the end, only the strongest of vengeance can win the day, Caitlin and Cort Wesley standing with guns ready to save the country from the greatest threat it has ever faced.


Strong Vengeance:   A Caitlin Strong Novel  by Jon Land

Reviewed by Russell Ilg

Strong Vengeance is the latest and greatest of the Caitlin Strong series by Jon Land. When Jon Land shifted his writing style with the first book in the Caitlin Strong series, I really did not know what to expect. But because of his other great novels I jumped right in and found that Jon had transcended from an author of thriller novels to one of the greatest and most innovate authors in the thriller industry.

Jon Land’s writing style changed as well into something I have coined as “fact fiction,” a growing trend today that many other authors have shifted to as well. It pertains to the ability to mix true facts into a fictional story that helps bring the novel to a whole new level. As you read Strong Vengeance, there are so many things that that are real and true, that you end up learning about and understanding things you may not have known before and wouldn’t have if you hadn’t jumped into the book. You almost have to read the book twice to capture all the material, along with twists and turns that are both hair-raising and shocking as our favorite Texas Ranger finds herself battling homegrown Islamic terrorists with nothing less than the future of the country at stake. You’re pulled so deep into the story that life outside its pages freezes along with time itself, and you’re finished before you even have a chance to check your watch or iPhone.

In large part that’s because Jon has put together the greatest cast of characters of any author. They are so richly drawn and warm, while at the same time capable of doing anything it takes to stop the terrorists, the leader of whom is the real-life mastermind of any number of attacks already launched against the U.S.—fact-fiction, like I said before. Caitlin Strong is a fifth generation Texas Ranger which is incredible to begin with, but Jon additionally uses her family history to go back and forth in time to prove a real feel for how the Rangers started and how they have evolved, or not, over the years. In Strong Vengeance, that history involves the only case both Caitlin’s legendary grandfather and father worked on together involving a mass murder and Jean Lafitte’s legendary lost treasure. Caitlin picks up the 30-year-old investigation where they left off, adding yet another layer to the tale.

Strong Vengeance is the fourth novel in what is hands down the best series being written today also because of Caitlin Strong’s relationship with Cort Wesley, the most notorious criminal in modern Texas history, and his two sons she has taken on as her own. That makes this book, and the series, resonate on an emotional level seldom seen in thriller fiction. But this is still a thriller first and foremost, and we follow Caitlin as she chases the terrorists from the Gulf, to the bayou in Louisiana in a battle against an enemy determined to wreak havoc against the United States, thanks to a discovery that dates back to the time of the great American legend Jim Bowie. The action scenes are scarily visceral with an especially chilling pedophilic villain taking center stage in several of them.

Jon Land’s new thriller transgresses every level and spectrum of writing and storytelling. Truly an edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, white-knuckled, mind-blowing experience. Strong Vengeance is the best book of the year and comes just in time for summer, so don’t forget your sunscreen and strap yourself in for the ride of your life.

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